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PCG Forum Rules

Post by Next Hype on Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:35 pm

Welcome to the Official PC Gamer Group Forum
Please familiarise yourself with our rules

No Spamming:
Spamming is when you post simple one-liners or something of the sort that doesn't add any conversation to the forum or thread that you're participating in. Posting something like "ya", "ok", or "lol" alone in a post is considered spam. The biggest case of spamming is something like "ahsgdka" which is a random combination of letters, so please don't do that just to get a kick out of it, because there are dire consequences for doing so. Spamming is actually one of the easier rules to break, so please try to post with meaning and substance when you're participating in a thread.

No Double Posting:
Double posting simply means posting twice in a row without someone replying to a thread in the mean time. In the bottom right-hand corner of your post you will see an edit option. Click on that if you feel the need to add to or change anything in your post, and make the necessary changes/additions.

Stay On Topic:
Each thread has it's own individual topic (with the exception of the Off-Topic GD), so you need to stick to it at all times. Some things can be grouped together in a single thread, but you shouldn't talk about something completely random. For example, say a thread's topic is about a game character, and you come in and post asking how much the game is. That is going off topic, which is bad. If you want to talk about something else, then make a new thread about it or find the correct thread in the Thread Index or in the forum.

No Memberating:
Memberating is when you act like a moderator when you are not one. It doesn't matter if you were once a moderator or not, don't go throwing your weight around with no power to back yourself up. You can help someone by re-directing them, but no bossing around or threatening, etc. Also, do not request closure for a thread unless you started it.

Do Not Bypass Your Ban(s)
Bypassing a ban is when you are banned on one account, but make another so you can post again. You can be and will be caught, and your punishment will only result in a longer ban on any/all accounts. If you continue to do it, you will be reported to the super moderators, which is not good no matter what way you look at it. Just live out your ban, and prevent any trouble that may arise.

Do Not Put the Moderators On Your Ignore List:
If for some reason the moderator of this forum, the section moderator, or a super moderator needs to contact you for whatever reason, then you need to make sure they can. Usually it is something important, so it is asked you never add someone with moderation powers to your Ignore List unless they really are abusing. If that is the case, then report them to the higher-ups. Not following this rule will result in an instant ban.

No Begging/Asking for Donations or Money:
Please do not make threads in this forum asking for money donations. While we appreciate the good will of others, creating a thread asking for PC component upgrades and/or money is not something I am going to tolerate. If this rule is broken, consider yourself temporarily banned (duration at Admin discretion)

No Flooding:
Flooding is when you post excessively all over the forum just to get your name to show up everywhere, to raise your post count, to be the top forum poster, etc. Usually when you flood, your messages are short and spammy. Spam is not allowed in the first place, so please try not to flood, because remember, there are other members of this forum, and they also deserve a chance to answer questions and post.
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